What we do?

We provide informations about raw materials(Agro & Mineral), their occurrences, quantity and specifications.

Some of the Raw Materials We have

Rice, Beans, Wheat, Oil Palm, Petroleum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Kaolin, Aquamarine, Bamboo, Bauxite, Baryte, Beetroots, Calcium e.t.c

Some Features that Made us Unique

Who are in extremely love with Raw Materials.

Closest Raw Materials to Your location

We are able to show the raw materials closest to your location using the GPS on your device, this feature works well on mobile devices.

Up to date database

You Can access printable maps and other data from our database (paid).

User friendly Search

We give you the ability to search for raw materials within the country, down to the local government area of their occurrence

Routes to Industries

We are able to show you the routes to the industries that use a particular raw material hereby showing you how the raw material moves from place of occurrence to the user industry.